What Brands of Television Come Bluetooth-Enabled?

Some television brands that feature Bluetooth connectivity include Sharp, Samsung and LG. Models include the LG UF8500 65-inch 4K smart television, the Sharp Aquos LC-60SQ 1080p smart high-definition television, and the Samsung Series 9 55-inch JS9000 4K ultra-high-definition television

These televisions feature widescreen high-definition 3-D-ready video, wireless Internet, universal serial bus connections, integrated Web operating systems and light-emitting diode displays. Other shared features are composite video and high-definition multimedia interface inputs, audio input and output ports, built-in speakers, digital and analog tuners and Ethernet technology.

These Bluetooth-enabled televisions allow owners to wirelessly connect compatible headphones, remote controls and speakers. The televisions can also connect with other Bluetooth-capable devices, such as video game consoles, smartphones, computers and set-top boxes to stream audio and video.

Owners must pair any devices with the television using a password or passcode to ensure a secure, private connection between devices. If a device is not Bluetooth-enabled, a USB adapter can add the functionality, so a user can pair it with a Bluetooth television.

These televisions are all classified as smart TVs, which offer interactive media, content overlays and integrated streaming content from on-demand providers, such as Netflix and Hulu. Other smart television features include the ability to shop for and install user apps and integration with user-generated video sites.