What Are Some Brands of Anti-Fungal Mouthwash?

Brands of anti-fungal mouthwashes include First-BXN Mouthwash, First-Duke’s Mouthwash, First-Mary’s Mouthwash and Magic Mouthwash, which is used to treat a variety of oral infections. Anti-fungal mouthwashes effectively treat oral infections resulting from certain types of fungi and yeasts.

Physicians generally prescribe anti-fungal mouthwashes in cases of oral fungal infections and sores in the mouth, such as those encountered by oropharyngeal candidiasis, or oral thrush. This condition results in white blotches on the tongue and painful sores that are treated successfully after a couple of weeks of using mouthwashes containing nystatin. Nystatin is the brand name of the most widely used drug in anti-fungal mouthwashes. Mouthwashes containing nystatin are normally not available over-the-counter. Because these types of infections often accompany other health issues, most anti-fungal mouthwashes require a prescription.