What Are the Branches of Social Science?

Any branch of science that focuses on studying society, the interactions of people or organizations is in the field of social science. Examples that fit this criteria are anthropology, sociology, economics, psychology and political science.

Anthropology is the overall study of human existence. It is divided into a number of subfields such as social, cultural, linguistic, biological and archaeological anthropology. Economics studies the way resources and wealth are produced, distributed and consumed. Economics is divided into macroeconomics, the study of whole economies such as those of nations, and microeconomics, which focuses on more individualized transactions. A central focus of the field is the creation of models to analyze and predict patterns of financial behavior and resource use. Linguistics is the study of written and oral communication and the cognitive and cultural processes that shape them.

Political science studies the theory and practice of politics in human societies. In addition to studying political systems, the field is mixed with elements of economics, law, sociology and psychology. The term social science is often used to refer specifically to the field of sociology, the specific study of human social arrangements. Fields that deal partially with social science are communications studies, history, education, geography and law.