Why Does My Boyfriend Disrespect Me?

According to Boundaries in Dating, a boyfriend may disrespect his girlfriend if he values his own desires more than he values hers. If he is self-centered, a boyfriend may not be fully aware he is disrespecting his girlfriend.

A boyfriend disrespects his girlfriend when he does not value her thoughts, feelings or opinions. As a result, he may injure his girlfriend mentally, emotionally or physically. This occurs when there is a lack of empathy between both people in the relationship. To achieve empathy and respect, Boundaries in Dating suggests creating limits and guidelines within the relationship that allow both parties to speak freely and have high regard for each other. Open communication between people in a relationship can resolve many issues; talking about something bothersome in the relationship can make the other person realize that he must change his behavior.

Boundaries in Dating describes the signs of disrespect in a relationship. The first is domination. If a boyfriend does not let his girlfriend hang out with other people or threatens her when she disagrees, he is being dominating. Another sign is manipulation, which occurs when one person in a relationship forces the other to change her mind about things. A boyfriend also disrespects his girlfriend when he minimizes the importance of her feelings and emotions.