What books teach Bible lessons to kids?


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Some books that teach bible lessons to kids include “Off the Wall Bible Tales,” “Left Behind: The Kids Collection” and the “Believe Storybook.” These entertaining books engage kids while simultaneously instilling in them the values the Bible teaches.

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Bob Hartman’s “Off the Wall Bible Tales” pairs whimsical writing with Woody Fox’s humorous drawings to create an enjoyable introduction to many of the Bible’s more obscure stories. Hartman is known for his offbeat take on Bible stories, which is both entertaining and informative. Recommended for ages five to seven, the book is also a good choice for reading aloud.

“Left Behind: The Kids Collection” is a juvenile version of the popular adult series. Through various entries, including “Taken,” “Pursued” and “Hidden,” readers follow a group of young characters as they struggle in a world left behind after the Rapture. The characters must choose to accept or reject God, offering valuable biblical lessons for kids. The “Left Behind” series is recommended for kids 12 and up.

Author and Pastor Randy Frazee’s “Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus” offers accessible retellings of 60 stories from both the Old and New Testaments detailing the teachings of Jesus Christ. Steve Adam’s dramatic illustrations depict a series of lessons that inspire kids to consider their own actions in light of biblical teachings.

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