How Is the Book of Enoch Related to the Book of Giants?


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Many scholars consider the Book of Enoch to be the source that the Book of Giants was based on. An alternative view is held by adherents of the Manichaean faith, who believe that the Book of Enoch and the Book of Giants are both divine revelations. A very small number of people of other religions also hold this view. There is some overlap between the contents of the two books.

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The authenticity of both books is debated, and they both exist in multiple versions. Most Christian sects do not consider the Book of Enoch to be canonical, but the Ethiopian Orthodox Church does. The most complete version of the Book of Enoch only exists in Ethiopic. The Book of Enoch is mentioned in the Epistle of Jude in the New Testament. Historically, it had an influence on many Jewish and Christian thinkers.

The Book of Giants is mentioned as one of the works of Mani, the founder of the once-widespread religion of Manichaeism, in Coptic, Chinese and Manichaean sources. The Book of Giants only survives in scattered fragments. Its contents are similar to the Book of Enoch. They both feature Enoch, giants, dreams, fallen angels, and angels reproducing with humans. Most of the extant fragments of the Book of Giants concern the dreams of giants, Enoch's interpretations of the dreams, and his attempts to intercede with God on behalf of the giants. This content is not contained in the Book of Enoch. Many parts of the Book of Giants that have been lost told the stories of the adventures and exploits of the giants.

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