What book of the Bible tells the story of Jezebel?


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The First and Second Books of Kings tell the story of Jezebel. She first appears in 1 Kings 16:31, when she marries King Ahab of Israel. The final mention of her occurs in 2 Kings 9:37, when the text recalls Elijah's prophecy about Jezebel's death.

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In the biblical story, Jezebel is a Phoenician princess. After she marries Ahab, the king of Israel, she convinced him to participate in the worship of Baal, the god of her people. This sets her in opposition to the religious structure in Israel, which worships the Hebrew god Yahweh. She brings in prophets of Baal and orders the prophets of Yahweh killed.

After Ahab and his sons die, Jehu becomes king. Loyal to Yahweh, he has Jezebel's servants kill her by throwing her out of a window. When he tries to bury her, he sees that dogs have eaten most of her corpse.

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