What Is a Blue Lodge?

A Blue Lodge is where beginning Masonic members are introduced to the principles and prospects of Freemasonry and earn their first three degrees. These lodges are also referred to as Craft Lodges or Ancient Craft Lodges.

With origins from the early 1700s, Masonry is the oldest fraternity in the world. After completing their first three degrees, members can progress to more advanced orders such as York Rite and Scottish Rite. According to MasonicWorld.com, the purpose of the training is to "open the eyes and mind to a higher ideal."

Prospective Masons must approach a Master Mason and request an application. A prospective Mason must fill out the application with his own hand and have it signed by two Masons who have known him for over a year. This can be difficult, however, because Masonic Lodges and Masonic Temples are typically secret societies, and Masons do not publicly announce their membership.

Blue Lodges are governed by regional lodges and temples where resident Masons and Master Masons grant degrees to Apprentice Masons. Governing these regional lodges is a Grand Lodge, which typically has authority over state, provincial or national jurisdictions. Only Master Masons can receive the documents necessary to go to a Grand Lodge.