What Does a Blue Jay Symbolize?

Kathy/CC-BY 2.0

The blue jay symbolizes qualities including resourcefulness, clarity, curiosity, faithfulness, intelligence, communication, determination and loquaciousness. Blue jays in dreams can be interpreted as the subconscious telling dreamers that they aren’t being honest with themselves.

Blue jays are a symbol of communication skills, particularly speaking, because they have excellent speaking ability. They can mimic humans and other birds. They mimic hawks to alert other blue jays to the presence of a hawk or to trick other animals into believing a hawk is in the area. Blue jays in captivity have even been able to mimic the meowing sound cats make.

Blue jays are a symbol of faithfulness because they mate for life. Traits like determination and assertiveness come from the blue jay’s fearlessness when defending what is theirs, including their partner and their offspring. Blue jays are able to make homes almost anywhere, making it a symbol of resourcefulness. Typically, the male blue jay gathers most of the materials, while the female does most of the nest building. Blue jays fly long distances for nest supplies, such as rootlets, and sometimes take them from ditches or fresh graves. They are curious animals, and people who consider the blue jay their “spirit animal” often showcase that same curiosity.