How Do You Block a Number From Calling a Landline Phone?

Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

The precise method for blocking a number from calling a landline phone depends on the telephone service provider, but the solution usually involves setting up a call rejection service through the provider, and then adding specific numbers to the list. Some providers allow consumers to block numbers for free while others charge a small fee.

Read the manual that came with the telephone or contact the telephone service provider for specific instructions.

Step 1: Order call rejection service

This allows the consumer to specify numbers from which he or she does not want to receive incoming calls. Some providers limit the number of calls; for example, one company only allows customers to block up to 25 numbers at a time for their basic Call Rejection service.

Step 2: Access the online account

Some telephone service providers allow customers to manage their blocked-number lists online. Log in with the appropriate username and password, then access the “Call Filtering” or other management settings to add numbers.

Step 3: Screen calls

Some telephone service providers do not offer call blocking features. The alternative is to screen calls using caller ID. Additionally, users can contact local law enforcement agencies if they are being harassed via telephone, as harassment is a crime.