What Are Some Blessings or Prayers About God?

What Are Some Blessings or Prayers About God?

Some blessings or prayers about God are "You Are God" and "St. Patrick's Lorica." In addition, "The Seven Blessings" are part of a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. "The Seven Blessings" offer praise to God for a variety of his attributes.

St. Augustine wrote "You Are God." The prayer says that God is a number of titles and qualities. Examples include the Christ, king, a shepherd and a helper. It goes on to say that God leads the country and provides wisdom and harmony. The prayer adds that God is the source of eternal salvation.

God has provided all that each person needs in life, St. Augustine's prayer says. The prayer asks God not to fill people with bitterness but that rather that every good feeling in life is worthy of God's praise. In closing, the prayer asks that the person offering the prayer consume his life with God.

"St Patrick's Lorica" pledges loyalty to God. The poem thanks God for Christ's death and resurrection as well as for the sun and the moon. The writer asks that God walk with him, within him and beside him. He asks God to stay both above and beneath him and in times of quiet as well as times of danger. The poem ends by praising God for the source of salvation.

Similarly, "The Seven Blessings" praises God for his command of the universe. The blessings say that God created everything for his glory and that God brings joy to his children. God created love and loving couples, the blessings say, and the blessings call for God's joy to sound in Jerusalem.