What Are Some Black History Facts About Church?

Some black history facts about church are that historians believe that church leaders established predominantly black churches as early as the 1700s and that only a few denominations of black churches existed until the U.S. Civil War. After the Civil War, many blacks joined Baptist churches.

One of the first black churches was The Africa Methodist Episcopal Church. The church began as an offshoot of George Methodist Church in Philadelphia. Similarly, the Zion Church began in 1801 as an offshoot of a segregated church in New York. The first black churches in the United States grew in the north while most blacks lived in the south.

In the south, many blacks joined Baptist churches during and after the Civil War. In 1867, blacks in Virginia established a church that went on to form the National Baptist Convention in the U.S.A. Several other offshoots of Baptist churches soon followed, and Baptist denominations still comprise a large portion of black churches. In addition to Baptist churches, black participation in Catholicism also rose after the civil war.