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Bishop Neil Clarence Ellis is the senior pastor and founder of the Mount Tabor Union Baptist Church in the Bahamas and founder of Mount Tabor Anytime, an online church. Bishop Ellis' sermons are viewed by thousands across the world through the church's website and on dedicated TV shows.

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Bishop Ellis was born and raised in the Bahamas on the island of Bimini, where he attended one of the most prestigious schools in Nassau before moving on to the College of the Bahamas to continue his formal education. While at the College, Ellis also spent time leading the Union of Students there as its president. In addition to his formal qualifications, Ellis has since been awarded a total of three honorary doctorates from a range of faith-based colleges and received the Trumpet Award for Spiritual Enlightenment in 2010.

Ellis has produced a number of literary works that provide practical advice to support the ideologies around which he preaches his sermons. He has also mentored more than 40 pastors across the network of churches in the United States and the Bahamas, helping them to further spread the ideologies of the church. Bishop Ellis has delivered sermons worldwide, including Europe and the Middle East. He also founded the Global United Fellowship, through which spiritual leaders and groups from around the world work together to share their beliefs and to deliver transformational change in areas of the world where they believe it is needed.

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