What does your birthday say about you?


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Birthdays can say which character flaws someone had in their past life, which determines the focus of this life's actions. There are four karmic numbers of 13, 14, 16 and 19 which, if found in a birthday, point to particular flaws.

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Samantha Fey, a numerologist and a crystal worker, follows the Pythagorean tradition of reading someone's birthday to learn his purpose in this life. She teaches that there are four karmic numbers, which can be gleaned from the birth date, that shed light on a person's mission.

These numbers, Samantha Fey states, are 13, 14, 16 and 19. Each points to a particular mistake the person made in their previous lives which now needs to be rectified through positive actions. First, check if the date of birth — the day of the month — is one of those numbers. Second, add the birthday to the birth month to arrive at the personality number — this is the identity a person assumes in society. And thirdly, find out the life path number, which indicates the person's higher self, by adding all the birth numbers. For instance, for 15 November 1986, do the sums 15+11+19+86=131, then 1+3+1=5. The life path number is five.

People with the karmic number 13, found among these 4 numbers, were lazy in the previous life, and have to work hard in this one. The karmic number 14 points to someone who restricted other people's freedom, so he must make amends by fighting for liberty. People with 16 in their birth date held on too tight to their egos in the past life, so they should aim to be selfless. Finally, 19 in someone's birthday means that the person abused power in the past. He must learn to connect with others.

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