How Do You Find Your Birthday Horoscope?

To find your birthday horoscope, access online resources such as and Cafe Astrology publishes a feature titled "If Today is Your Birthday" that provides year-ahead and birthday horoscopes. provides users with daily horoscopes geared toward individuals born on that day. These horoscopes are free of charge.

Navigate to to access a free birthday horoscope. On the home page, hover over the tab Horoscopes to see a drop-down menu. Locate the link for Birthday Horoscopes, and click this link. This opens a horoscope for the current day and provides access to year-ahead horoscopes; personality traits; love, career and money horoscopes. This page also provides a tarot card of the day and a full daily tarot card reading.

To read the feature "If Today is Your Birthday" available on, navigate to the website home page. Click on the Birthday tab, and search the side bar until you see a category titled "In This Section." Below this heading, click on "If Today is Your Birthday." A Web page appears with a horoscope geared toward individuals celebrating a birthday. This page gives a year-ahead forecast, personality traits and a full horoscope. This feature is updated daily, and there is a calendar to select a birthday.