How Do You Get a Birth Certificate in Washington, D.C.?

A certified copy of a birth certificate can be obtained from the Vital Records Division of the Department of Health, located at 899 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, D.C. As of October 2014, the Vital Records Division is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. except on holidays. A mail-in request is made by filling out a birth certificate application form, located on the Department of Health website.

Immediate family members (mother, father, sister or brother) can request and obtain a copy of a birth certificate. Other family members, such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent, cannot access a birth certificate unless the record is public, or certain approval guidelines as established by the Department of Health have been met. Birth records become public 100 years after a person’s date of birth, and the Vital Records Division has records dating back to 1874.

If an amendment, correction or change needs to be made to a birth certificate, the District of Columbia statute has provisions for obtaining it. As of October 2014, mail correction requests to Department of Health, Vital Records Division, 899 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington, D.C. 20002, or call the Vital Records customer service line at (202) 442-9303 for assistance.