How Does a Biorhythm Generator Work?


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Biorhythm generators work by plotting certain physical, emotional and intellectual patterns, known as biorhythms, on graphs with constant zero baselines; subjects' birth dates serve as the starting points of these graphs, notes the Skeptic's Dictionary. Undulations above the zero baseline are referred to as positive phases, while oscillations below the baseline are known as negative phases. Believers in the concept, who use biorhythms to determine the best days for certain activities, consider positive phases optimal, and negative phases unfavorable.

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Biorhythms commence with an oscillation rising from the baseline that lasts for a quarter of a full cycle, reports the Skeptic’s Dictionary. The oscillation then plunges through the baseline for half a cycle, and then rises to the baseline for one-fourth of a cycle, completing the rhythm. The three cycles – intellectual, emotional and physical – follow this pattern for the entire course of a person’s life. “Rebirth” refers to the period at which the three cycles return to the same point on the baseline; this occurs when a person is slightly over 58 years old.

According to believers in the concept, the location of a cycle relative to the baseline foreshadows the kind of day that the subject can expect, according to the Skeptic’s Dictionary. For instance, subjects are most likely to make sound relationship decisions when their emotional cycles are above the baseline, but they're likely to perform poorly if they take exams when their intellectual cycles are under the baseline.

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