What Is the Biography of Chuck Missler?

Chuck Missler is an evangelical Christian who founded the Koinonia House ministry in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He is also a teacher, author and former businessman. As of May 2014, he has written eight books, several with his wife Nancy.

After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, Charles W. Missler worked in the fields of aerospace and computer science. In 1963, he began working at the Ford Motor Company. Fourteen years later, he became the chief executive and chairman at Western Digital. In 1984, he moved into a similar position at Helionetics Inc. and, in 1989, was head of the Phoenix Group International.

Although trained as an engineer and businessman, Missler also taught religious education at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for many years. He used this knowledge to found Koinonia House in 1992, which, as of May 2014, he runs with his wife Nancy. His organization provides religious newsletters, tapes for Bible study and a radio show.

Missler is also often asked to speak at conferences on the topic of prophesy in the Bible. He uses his computer background to try to decipher the coded messages he believes are in the Bible. His views on this topic can also be found on his DVDs and in his programs on the TV station GOD TV.