What Are Some Biographical Facts About Luke From the Bible?

Saint Luke is believed to be the author of one of the four Gospels found in the New Testament of the Christian Bible, the Gospel of Luke, as well as the Biblical book the Acts of the Apostles. He was born a Greek gentile in the Syrian province of Antioch and received training as a physician. Some scholars believe Luke was born into slavery.

While there are no records documenting the conversion of Luke and his transformation into a follower of Jesus, scripture historians first place him in the company of Saint Paul in the city of Troas around the year 51 A.D. After traveling with Paul throughout Macedonia into the cities of Neapolis, Samothrace and Philippi, Paul was imprisoned, and Luke stayed in Macedonia to teach the message of Jesus and encourage the conversion of the Macedonian people.

Once Paul left jail in 58 A.D., Luke rejoined him, and they again traveled spreading their message until they reached Jerusalem. After Paul was again imprisoned, this time in Rome in the year 61 A.D., scripture recounts how Luke was the only companion of Paul to remain loyal to him and at his side.

Much of the information in Luke's gospel came from conversations with Paul and those with whom he traveled. His gospel is unique in that it focuses on the issues of poverty and social justice and contains six miracles and 18 parables that are absent from any of the three other gospels.