What Bingo Numbers Are Most Frequently Called?

Robert Banh/CC-BY 2.0

Bingo games usually use 75 numbers, with each number having a one in 75 chance of being drawn, so no numbers are more frequently called than others. However, there are bingo playing systems that claim a probability of winning if certain strategies are followed.

One of these strategies entails using multiple bingo cards. The more bingo cards a player uses, the more likely they are to have the necessary numbers to score a bingo before anyone else. There are detriments to this strategy, though. Some people may use too many bingo cards and not be able to keep track of them all, which would actually cause them to lose track of opportunities to win. Other bingo strategies advise playing in bingo halls with a smaller turnout because the more players involved in a bingo game, the lower the probability is that any one individual will win.