What Is the Biggest Bra Size?

As of July 2012, the biggest bra size ever recorded is 102ZZZ. This is the bra size that Annie Hawkins-Turner wears, a 53-year-old woman from Atlanta, Ga., who holds the Guinness World Record for having the biggest natural breasts.

Ms. Hawkins-Turner, also known as Norma Stitz, has her bras specially made for her. In terms of bra sizes commercially available, Victoria’s Secret biggest bra size is 40DDD while Sears offers a 54G. In April 2011, a store in Britain, Rigby and Peller, has released a size 48N bra. The store, which is the Queen’s underwear supplier, priced the bra at £55.95. If a customer finds the black or nude option still not to her liking, the company can tailor-make one.