What Does Bigfoot Look Like?

Bigfoot may look like a huge ape or humanoid covered with dark fur. It walks upright and may have a sagittal crest like that found on a silverback gorilla.

The size of Bigfoot's footprints give the creature its most familiar name; it is known by the name of Sasquatch, which comes from a Native American word. According to witnesses, the footprints can be up to 2 feet long and 8 inches wide. Unlike human footprints, they have no arch, but the heel seems to have a double ball feature. This feature might help support the great size and weight of the creature.

People who claim to have seen Bigfoot describe it as being between 6 1/2 and nearly 10 feet tall. It appears to weigh between 500 and 900 pounds. The creature seems to be prevalent in the Pacific Northwest, but a good number of sightings have also occurred as far east as Florida. The strong, sulfurous smell some people have noticed coming from the animal have given it the name "Skunk Ape" in the southeastern region of the country. Some people believe Bigfoot is an herbivore and eats only plant material, while others believe it's an omnivore, like a human, and that it eats both plants and animals.