How Big Is a Piece of Sod?

The size of a piece of sod is 16 inches by 24 inches. While sod is available for purchase by the piece, it is typically sold by the pallet. Each pallet is made up of about 170 pieces of sod or the equivalent of 50 square yards of sod. Sod is measured the same way flooring is, dividing a lawn into rectangles to obtain its square-foot measurement.

Sod is a good choice to create a plush, green lawn quickly. It can be installed throughout the year, unlike seeds that require particular weather conditions to grow. Because the sod is already mature grass, it generally takes only three weeks to one month to fully establish. Once installed, sod can withstand full usage in a couple of weeks.

Because sod is typically ordered in large quantities to restore an entire lawn at once, many retailers of sod offer delivery services for an additional fee. Additionally, many companies can help with measurements and determining the square footage of the lawn to ensure that the right amount of sod is ordered. They may also provide installation services. There are many different types of sod available, and selection is typically based on personal taste, climate and tolerance to wear.