What Are Some of the Biblical Names of God?


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The Bible refers to God as Jehovah, Adonai, El Shaddai and variations of Yahweh. The names for God that occur in the Hebrew language of the Old Testament describe characteristics of God. For example, the name "El Shaddai" typically translates to "the Almighty," encompassing the all-powerful nature of God.

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The name "Adonai" means "my Lord," a familiar, personal attribute favored by certain biblical characters. "Jehovah" is considered the proper name for God of the Hebrews, but controversy exists regarding the spelling and pronunciation.

The Hebrew Bible was translated to Greek, and then from Greek it was translated back to Hebrew. Scholarly opinions suggest that "Yehovah," or "Yahweh," was mistranslated to "Jehovah" around A.D. 800. In all, there are more than 900 names and titles for God throughout the Bible.

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