What Are Some Biblical Names?


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Some Biblical names are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jeremiah, Moses, David, Daniel, Joshua, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Both the Old and New Testaments record traditions and events that determined what name a person was given.

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What Are Some Biblical Names?
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Biblical names include those in genealogies of prophets, priests, apostles, servants, kings and soldiers. King David’s family tree in 1 Chronicles 2, is the most prominent in the Bible. From Reuben, Simeon and Levi’s generation and through Jesse, David and Solomon, the linage of Jesus Christ can be traced.

Names bore a meaning that defined heritage, character and purpose as ordained by God. Prophet Jeremiah was named before he was born and set aside for service to God as a prophet. John the Baptist and Jesus Christ were named after an angel appeared separately to Zachariah and Joseph with specific instructions. Elizabeth and Mary were expectant at the time.

In Matthew 10, Jesus summoned and named twelve Apostles, including Simon Peter, Andrew, James son of Zebedee, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Mathew, Simon and Judas. As Christ’s followers increased in numbers, more names appear, including Zacheus, Martha, Dorcas, Salome, Sophia and Lazarus.

Other prominent biblical names are of great soldiers and people around them mentioned in battles of ancient Israel. Of all, Samson’s and Delilah’s names stand out. Joshua succeeded Moses and led Hebrew tribes through many victories into Canaan. Gideon and his 300 warriors fought for Israel and won against the Amalekites.

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