What Is the Biblical History of Simon and Peter?

What Is the Biblical History of Simon and Peter?

Simon and Peter are the same person in the Bible. Originally named Simon, and also referred to as Simon the Canaanite, he was one of the twelve apostles. Renamed by Jesus as Peter, he is considered the first Pope by the Catholic church. He is frequently referred to as Simon Peter.

Simon was born in approximately 1 BC in the Galilean town of Bethsaida. As an adult, he married and settled in Capernaum, where he worked as a fisherman with his brother, Andrew. According to the Bible, he lived in a large house with his mother-in-law.

Although the Bible includes a story of his mother-in-law being sick with a fever and receiving healing from Jesus, there is no specific mention of his wife. This has led bible scholars to believe that Simon's wife died prior to his first meeting with Jesus.

Simon was introduced to Jesus by his brother, who began following Jesus after hearing the preaching of John the Baptist, who said that Jesus was the Lamb of God. When Andrew brought Simon to meet Jesus, he renamed him Peter. When Jesus summoned Simon to follow him, he left all his worldly possessions behind to become a disciple.

Peter was one of the first of Jesus' disciples and was the first to refer to Jesus as the Messiah. According to the Bible, he received insight into the true nature of Jesus directly from God.

After the death of Jesus, Peter led the other disciples and preached the word of God throughout Jerusalem, before travelling to Rome where he was crucified under Emperor Nero Augustus Caesar. It is believed that Peter requested to be crucified upside down, as he did not feel worthy to be crucified in the same way Jesus had been.