What Biblical Figures Lived in Susa?


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The Ancient History Encyclopedia states that Esther, Mordecai and Daniel lived in Susa in ancient times. According to Bible History Online, Nehemiah was in Susa when he heard news about the walls of Jerusalem. Susa is the modern city of Shush, Iran. The tomb of Daniel can be visited in the ruins of the old city.

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Mordecai was a relative of Esther, but this was not public knowledge. He was from the tribe of Benjamin and King Xerxes found favor with Mordecai. Due to his close relationship with the king, Mordecai was in the position to present Esther to the king to be his wife. According to JewFAQ.com, Esther was highly favored by the king, as he did not know that she was of Jewish descent. During her reign as queen, Esther used her position to reveal the details of a plot that would exterminate the Jewish race.

Another biblical figure, Daniel had a vision in Susa regarding the invasion of Elam by Persia and Greece. Daniel was thrown into a lion's den for his visions.

Susa was known as a well-built city that was razed and rebuilt by Persian kings several times. The ancient city was finally destroyed in 1218 C.E. when Mongols invaded the area.

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