What Is the Biblical Description of Heaven?

What Is the Biblical Description of Heaven?

The Bible contains descriptions of three heavens. The first is the immediate atmosphere of the earth, including the visible sky. The second heaven is outer space, including all the galaxies of the universe. The third heaven is the invisible place where God resides and where humans are meant to exist after death.

The Bible describes heaven as a place of fellowship, completely devoid of any suffering. Sickness and death do not exist in heaven. People who suffered from disease or disabilities during life are completely healthy in heaven.

God sits on the throne of mercy, surrounded by a choir of angels who constantly sing songs of praise. People can meet Jesus in heaven, talk with him and ask questions.

The book of Revelation describes heaven as being beautiful beyond anything that ever imagined by humans. Revelation describes an enormous city named the New Jerusalem, which has 12 gates inscribed with the name of each of the 12 tribes of Israel. The city has streets made of gold, walls of jewels and gates made of pearls.

Night does not exist in heaven, as the glory of God lights up everything. The tree of life is present in Heaven, according to Revelation 22:2, and grows 12 kinds of fruit each month, which are available to eat for pleasure, but not necessity, as humans do not need to eat in Heaven.