What Are Some Bible Verses About Jesus Knocking at the Door?


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Some Bible verses about Jesus knocking at the door are Revelation 3:20 and Matthew 7:8. In another Bible verse, John 10:9, Jesus describes himself as the door of salvation. Also, in John 10:7, Jesus says that he is the door for the sheep. John chapter 10 talks about Jesus' relationship as a shepherd to Christians and the door to the pasture of life.

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Revelation 3:20 says that God knocks at the door of each person's soul. Any person that hears God knock at her soul's door and opens the door can know that God dwells in her soul. God comes in to dine with the person, and God is with the person.

Revelation 3:20 surrounds other verses that talk about discipline for believers. The verses call on Christians to repent from sins. Revelation 3:21 says that God allows those who overcome to join him sitting on his royal throne.

Matthew 7:8 quotes Jesus when he says that God opens the door for a person that knocks on God's door. Immediately before the verse, Matthew 7:7 says that a person who asks, receives from God. Similarly, a person that knocks finds an open door.

In addition, in John 10:9, Jesus says that he is the door. By this, Jesus means that he is the way to salvation. The verse says that a person that accepts Jesus finds pasture both inside and outside the gate.

In John chapter 10, Jesus talks about how he functions as a shepherd for Christians. Jesus says that his sheep recognize his voice and that a person only enters the pasture through Jesus who is the door. A person that enters by a different door is a thief, the chapter says.

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