How Do You Find the Bible Verse for a Specific Reference?


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To find a Bible verse for a specific reference, find the book in a Bible's table of contents, and look for the chapter where the verse is located. Many online Bible resource guides also provide search tools where you can look for a Bible verse by typing in an excerpt of the verse or inputting the book and chapter, if applicable.

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The formats of many Bible versions allow for easy searches of verses according to Scriptures, topics, books and chapters. Typical Bible versions have the titles printed and thumb-indexed on the side of the books, allowing for easy navigation of the Bible without going through the table of contents.

To find a verse for the Book of John, for example, look for John on the indexed tabs, and look for the chapter (often indicated by a larger number). The chapter is also the first number before the colon. The number after the colon is the verse. In John 3:16, for example, John is the title of the book, 3 is the chapter and 16 is the verse.

To find a Bible verse for a specific reference through the Internet, use a Bible reference guide such as Biblegateway, and enter a keyword, phrase or topic into the search box. Select a Bible version, and click Search to find the Bible verse you are looking for.

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