Does the Bible Tell a Story About Peter Being Crucified?


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The Gospel of John, chapter 21, verses 16 to 19 allude to Peter's death by crucifixion. In them, Jesus hints at Peter's death by telling him that when he is old, he would stretch out his hands and other people would take him someplace he doesn't want to go.

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Early Christian tradition dates Peter's death by crucifixion in the year 64 AD, coinciding with the Great Fire of Rome for which Emperor Nero blamed the Christians. Peter's death also coincided with the festivities of the 10th anniversary of Nero's ascension to the throne, an event typically celebrated with bloodshed and prisoner executions. As Christ's successor, Roman authorities sentenced Peter to die by crucifixion. The apocryphal Acts of Peter describes him crucified upside down. Tradition also places Peter's burial directly beneath the high altar of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

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