What Are Some Bible Scriptures That Discuss the Holy Spirit?


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Some Bible scriptures that discuss the Holy Spirit are John 14:26 and John 14:15-17. Additional Bible verses about the Holy Spirit are Acts 4:31, which describes the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and Psalm 51:11, where the writer pleads for God to leave the Holy Spirit with him.

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In John 14:26, Jesus promises his followers that God intends to send the Holy Spirit to stay with them. Jesus describes the Holy Spirit as a helper. The Holy Spirit offers teaching and assistance to remember God's commands and promises.

Earlier in the chapter, in John 14:15-17, Jesus says that God promises to send a spirit after Jesus leaves the earth. Once the spirit appears, he stays on earth forever.

Acts 4:31 describes the moment when the Holy Spirit descends to earth. The room shakes at the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Then the men continue to preach the gospel with confidence. Additionally, Psalm 51:11 talks about the writer's desire to stay in God's presence. The writer asks God not to take the Holy Spirit away from him.

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