What Does the Bible Say About Family?


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Family is a key theme in the Bible, since it states God created humans for the purpose of living together as families. The Bible compares the church to a real family, noting it as a family of believers. According to the Christian view, once someone accepts God into his life, he is welcomed into God's family.

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Many Bible verses deal with the subject of family. In Exodus 20:12, God commands one to honor one's parents in order to live a long and successful life. Children are expected to honor their parents in the same way that the church gives honor to God. Furthermore, Proverbs 1:8 says that one must listen to his father and also not forgot what his mother has taught him.

The Bible also lays out responsibilities for the parents. First Timothy 5:8 shows that one who does not provide for his household brings shame upon himself. The Bible also states that parents have the responsibility to raise their kids in the right manner. Part of this includes keeping peace and harmony among family members. In Mark 3:23-25, Jesus illustrates how a kingdom engulfed in civil war inevitably collapses, and he applies the same concept to a family as well.

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