What are Bible riddles?


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Bible riddles are questions and answers based on biblical information. They often challenge an individual's knowledge of the Bible, as well as general knowledge. Some are humorous. For example, the solution to "What is the first tennis match mentioned in the Bible?" is "When Joseph served in Pharaoh's court."

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What are Bible riddles?
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Other sports-related riddles are, "Who was the fastest runner in the Bible? Adam, because he was first in the human race" and "Where is the first baseball game in the Bible? In the 'big inning.' Eve stole first, and Adam stole second."

Many biblical riddles rely on wordplay, such as "Why couldn't Jonah trust the ocean? He knew there was something 'fishy' about it." Other puns include, "How do we know Peter was a rich fisherman? By his 'net' income," "Who was the smartest man in the Bible? Abraham. He knew a 'lot,'" and "Which Bible character had no parents? Joshua, son of 'Nun.'"

Some Bible riddles are straight-up questions and answers focused on biblical knowledge. They cover a variety of topics, such as characters, as in "I was mocked because I was bald. Who am I? Elisha." Others involve biblical locations: "The good Samaritan tells of a journey to Jericho from me. What city am I? Jerusalem." Certain riddles also test facts about specific books of the Bible. These include, "Which book has the phrase, 'the blind leading the blind?' The book of Matthew."

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