What Are Some Bible Prophecies About the End Times?


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Some Biblical prophecies about the end times are the rising of false leaders and messiahs and the rebuilding of the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem. In the Bible, it says no one knows the day or time these events are going to occur.

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There are hundreds of prophecies in the Bible about the end of times and Jesus' return. It is most notably known as the "rapture," when Jesus will return for his followers and take them to be with him, leaving the rest of the unbelievers on the earth to experience the trials and hardship before Jesus' Second Coming.

The Bible says that certain events must occur before the end times. One of the most prominent of these is the rise of false leaders, as prophesied in Matthew 24. This prophecy has already been fulfilled several times throughout history. One example of a false prophet is Simon bar Kochba, who organized a rebellion against the Romans.

One of the key prophecies yet to be filled is the reconstruction of the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem. Recently, the altar has been rebuilt as a part of the "Temple Movement" in Israel, but the entire temple itself has not. The Temple Institution is heavily pushing the effort to complete the rest of the temple and to fulfil another prophecy.

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