What Are the Bible Names and Meanings?

bible-names-meanings Credit: Monashee Frantz/OJO Images/Getty Images

There are approximately 2,600 names that derive from the Bible. This list was compiled in the Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary written by Roswell Dwight Hitchcock. There are many other books that list and analyze Biblical names such as Dictionary of the Bible by William R. Smith and Evangelical Dictionary by Baker Publishing Group. The meaning of names can be found in these books or on the Internet.

According to Bible Codes, the meaning of Biblical names are explained in the Bible. Bible Codes also states that the names are introduced in the Bible in a chronological succession and when the meaning of the names are read in order, it gives readers a story. The meaning of a name was once a very important aspect of choosing a name. Some names are descriptions of a place or a nation, while some describe ancient history or prophecies for future. For example, the name Adam means "earthy" or "red," and James has a significance of a person that cures. Sometimes names tell a story of how and why a certain person was born. Biblical names have become more and more popular over the past few decades, states NameBerrry, but sometimes the meaning is not very clear and while most come from Hebrew, some come from Greek, Aramaic or Latin.