Does the Bible Explain Why God Created Man?

The Bible provides several ambiguous reasons for the creation of man, which include love, glory, to have something that loves Him as He loves, and as part of a grand plan. Interpretation of the meaning of these theories is not unanimous.

According to Apologetics Press, the Bible indicates that God created humankind because He wanted to rather than because He needed to and that man was not created as the result of loneliness.The primary dividing factor when interpreting Biblical passages that indicate a purpose for man is the question of pre-determination and how much of man's fate was decided before he existed. Some people believe that everything is pre-determined. These people tend to interpret humankind as an element in some sort of grand plan conceived by God. Other people believe that God created man in His image, which includes free will, and that man is on Earth to exercise free will in the manner of God.