What Is a Bible Concordance?


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A Bible concordance is a resource that takes words from the Bible and arranges them in a list, noting the meanings and contexts where they are used. Some concordances do this for every word that is not a conjunction or article, while others focus on unique or particularly relevant terms.

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Concordances have been created for most versions of the Bible in English, and several are available in other languages. The most famous concordance may be Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, which is based on the King James translation, now considered to be archaic in many circles. However, it does include both Greek and Hebrew lexicons to assist with Biblical scholarship. It has been out of copyright for many years, so it is a popular tool for bible study groups and organizations to include in their packages online.

However, some other online versions refer to multiple translations and concordances, allowing users to select the version they prefer, often using drop-down menus. Online concordances also allow users to input more than one word into a search and find the verses where both are used, providing an extra level of precision. This, along with the general ease of use of the online tools, has led to a sharp decline in the use of printed concordances.

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