What Are Some Bible Brain Teasers?

Bible students can test the depth of their friends' and family's Bible knowledge by posing the following brain teasers: How old was Joseph when his brothers sold him into slavery? In what situation did Old Testament rules require brides to shave their heads? Where did the Israelites encounter an enemy with 12 fingers and 12 toes? Was one of Jesus' ancestors a prostitute (and if so, who was she)?

The answers to these brain teasers are found throughout scripture:

1. Joseph was 17 (Genesis 37).

2. Captive women of defeated peoples could marry Israelite men only after shaving their heads and trimming their nails as a sign of mourning (Deuteronomy 21:10-12).

3. In 2 Samuel 21:20-21, the Bible records the defeat of a 12-fingered, 12-toed giant at Gath.

4. Rahab the prostitute was one of Jesus' forebears (Matthew 1:5) and is honored for hiding Israelite spies in Jericho (Joshua 2).

There are many additional biblical brain teasers one might want to look up: Which son of Solomon had 88 children (2 Chronicles 11:21)? Why and for whom did God make the shadow of the sun go backwards on the sundial (Isaiah 38)? Why and for whom did God make the sun stand still for an entire day (Joshua 10:12-13)? Who replaced Judas among the disciples after Jesus' betrayal and crucifixion (Acts 1:26)? What were the seven sons of Sceva attempting to do that earned them the wrath of the demon realm (Acts 19:13-16)?