What Are Some Bible Activities About Good Samaritans?


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Some Bible activities about good Samaritans include wall murals, role playing and situational games. To teach children who their neighbors are and how to be good Samaritans, give them pieces of paper, and instruct them to write on one side how to show love to a new child in the neighborhood. On the other side, have them write how to show love to the Lord.

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Another good activity about good Samaritans is to have the children illustrate the story as you read it. Tape a large piece of butcher paper to the wall, and divide it into five sections.

As you read about the robbers that beat the man, have the children draw the scene in the first section. In the second section, instruct them to draw a picture of the priest walking by the needy man. In the third section, have them draw a Levite walking by. In the fourth and fifth sections, have the children draw a Samaritan stopping to help and paying for the man's medical upkeep.

Have the children role play the story of the good Samaritan by designating actors to fill the role of the beaten man, Samaritan, Levite, priest, robbers, innkeeper and narrator. As the story unfolds, explain each character and his background.

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