What Is the Bermuda Triangle?


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The Bermuda Triangle is an 500,00 square mile area in the western North Atlantic Ocean that is notorious for the mysterious disappearances of airplanes, ships and the people aboard them.

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What Is the Bermuda Triangle?
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It is true that many vessels have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. However, it hasn't been shown that a vessel has a greater risk of disappearing there than in other well-traveled areas of the oceans. Scientists also point out that this area of the Atlantic is more subject to navigational hazards such as reefs, hurricanes and other storms. Still, this patch of the Atlantic bordered by San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Miami, Florida continues to fascinate.

People have been observing odd phenomena in the area of the Bermuda Triangle since at least the time of Columbus. Columbus himself saw balls of fire and strange lights, and experienced weird compass readings. Other ships and planes have simply vanished without sending out SOS signals, and their wrecks have never been found. Some ships are found drifting with no sign of human life aboard.

Theories about why this happens abound. Some people blame extraterrestials, sea monsters, the lost city of Atlantis, bizarre slippages in space/time or magnetic fields, waterspouts and even upwellings of methane gas from the bottom of the ocean.

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