What Are the Benefits of Using a Computer Spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets allow business people to combine the reporting of data with in-built, electronic calculations. Therefore, numbers can be tallied and displayed for accounting use without the need to figure the totals manually. Business owners can view the calculations directly without relying on company bookkeepers or accountants. Computing information with spreadsheets also saves paper, which is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Computer spreadsheets, which replicate the features of paper spreadsheets, were first developed for use by Microsoft. Once only offered on the Apple Mac, spreadsheets are designed today so accounting data can be easily read and shared on both PCs and Macs.

The spreadsheets allow users to review the various stages of a calculation and make explanatory notes for the sums. Templates of spreadsheets that contain the formulation for regularly utilized data increase office productivity and lower costs by removing the necessity for technically educated personnel. The ability of an electronic spreadsheet program to exchange numerical details with other computer apps enhances business communications. Incorporation with systems that are data based lessens numerical redundancies and the hoarding of information as well. Spreadsheets also feature color highlighting and editing features for discussion and display. These features are helpful when presenting business forecasts or analyzing results.