What Are the Benefits and Side Effects of Taking Hemp Seed Oil Supplements?

The benefits of taking hemp seed oil supplements include reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer and ingesting beneficial vitamins and minerals, states Medical News Today. As of 2014, studies still need to be done to determine the side effects of hemp seed oil, says the American Cancer Society.

There is very little knowledge about the side effects of hemp oil supplements, notes the American Cancer Society. Hemp oil comes from hemp or marijuana plants, and most of the side effects of marijuana use are based on the use of dried stems, leaves and flowers of the plant instead of the oil. Some general side effects of ingesting the hemp plant include possible toxicity, mental and emotional highs, short-term memory loss, impairment, low blood pressure and heart palpitations. Long-term use can result in lung problems.

Hemp seed oil helps to reduce scaly rashes and itchy skin, explains Mayo Clinic. Other benefits include a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer because of the antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids found in the plant, says Medical News Today. Hemp oil contains tocopherol, a chemical compound that can help treat Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. Research suggests it can even help those suffering from autoimmune diseases.