What Are the Benefits of a Sam’s Club Membership?

Cash rewards, early shopping hours, discount prescription eyeglasses and an extra value drug list, extra protection service plans and the Sam’s Club Mastercard are some benefits of a Sam’s Club membership. There are roughly a dozen concrete benefit types defined by Sam’s Club and three main tiers of membership: Sam’s Savings, Sam’s Business and Sam’s Plus.

All three tiers of Sam’s Club membership share certain benefits, such as Instant Savings, Club Pickup and the Sam’s Club Mastercard. Instant Savings are deeper discounts than member-only prices, and Club Pickup means that members have the option of purchasing items online at SamsClub.com and retrieving the items later at a Sam’s Club location.

The optical discount is another benefit available to all three tiers of Sam’s Club membership. Members enjoy roughly $40 off a second pair of prescription eyeglasses when purchasing two pair simultaneously without vision insurance. Similarly, the extra value drug list entitles members to special discounts on prescription medications but is only for Sam’s Plus members.

The Sam’s Club Mastercard earns cardholders up to 5 percent back on purchases of gasoline at stations in the United States and Puerto Rico. Two benefits that only Sam’s Plus members enjoy are cash rewards and extra protection service plans. The former results in members potentially receiving $10 back on every $500 spent on qualifying items. Extra protection service plans tack an additional year of warranty coverage onto a variety of electronics and tech items.

At the Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Center, members receive free repair of flat tires, regardless of where they were purchased. Additionally, they have access to free tests for their cars’ batteries as well as free installation of wiper blades.

Sam’s Club mails instant savings books to members several times per year. Sam’s Club offers free flat repair for members, regardless of the tire’s original point of purchase. Sam’s Club also tests batteries and installs wiper blades free of charge for members.

Sam’s Club members can purchase items online before 5 p.m. and pick them up at their local Sam’s Club the following day. Business members have access to earlier shopping hours than regular members and can add on sub-accounts.