What Are Some Benefits to Reading John MacArthur's Commentaries on the Bible?


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Reading John MacArthur's Bible commentaries provides simplifications of complicated ideas, explanations of difficult passages, historical context and language definitions to complement the Bible's existing ideas. John MacArthur's Bible commentaries also provide detailed time lines, cultural explanations and geographical renderings to increase Biblical context and provide a deeper understanding of themes.

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John MacArthur spent 30 years reading, studying and taking notes on the Bible. After those 30 years, he compiled all of his notes and ideas into a 33-volume book set that details all his Biblical findings. The MacArthur Bible Commentaries feature over 25,000 notes and a cross-referencing system that allows readers to easily connect multiple ideas and recurring themes.

John MacArthur's Bible commentaries go through the Old and New Testaments verse by verse providing explanations, historical contexts and current applications for every idea and phrase. MacArthur's extremely detailed work allows both theologians and the general public a deeper look into the Bible's mysteries. His work also provides readers who are new to the Bible an easy window into the complex world of Christianity.

John MacArthur's Bible commentaries now span beyond his books to include audio books, podcasts and software. John MacArthur also hosts seminars and classes that explore ideas expressed in his books.

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