What Are Some Benefits of Metal Church Buildings?


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Benefits of steel building for churches include lower costs of construction, shorter building time and longer spans without support. Many churches find they save significant construction costs when using steel as opposed to traditional wood framing. Because the frame is prefabricated in a factory, there are fewer chances for mistakes, and the joints fit correctly, increasing strength of the final building. Adding a brick or other facade results in a house of worship that is aesthetically pleasing.

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Factory cutting and pre-assembly of the framing materials allows the congregation to make site preparation during the same time that construction is already taking place. The dual use of time reduces the time from a groundbreaking ceremony until the church occupies the new building. The shortened building time allows the congregation to reduce costly delays by timing the building project so that the occurrences of building delays due to unfavorable weather are least likely.

Steel structures allow for the design of auditoriums up to 300 feet in width without the use of support columns. This open space eliminates visual distractions for worshipers, while the tighter joints eliminate air gaps that cause the loss of energy efficiency. The prefabricated support structure bolts together, allowing churches to encourage unskilled members to participate in the building process without sacrificing building quality.

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