What Are Some Benefits of Living in a Diverse Environment?


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The benefits of living in a diverse environment include economic growth, increased creativity, promotion of racial understanding and the creation of culturally vibrant communities. Diversity also creates hazards, such as discomfort and lack of trust, but these often dissipate as diverse groups of people live together over longer periods.

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One key advantage of diversity is increase economic performance. This comes partially from the increased innovative abilities of companies with diverse workforces, as people from varying backgrounds, with varying points of view, create an environment in which ideas merge and compete, creating better ideas out of the jumble. Additionally, diversity improves job access, as compared to job seekers in ethnically segregated areas who sometimes find themselves stuck in one employment environment.

Diversity also helps make communities more vibrant and culturally active. Culturally active communities have a better sense of self and often deal with problems collectively in a more cohesive way than segregated communities.

Growing up in diverse areas or going to a diverse school helps prepare children for the diverse society they will enter as adults, and it helps them avoid some of the pitfalls of diversity, such as feeling like an outsider in their own society. Being exposed to many different ideas and cultures early on also helps students deal with change and teaches them how to think creatively.

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