What Are Some Benefits of High Self-Esteem?

benefits-high-self-esteem Credit: Mimi Haddon/Stone/Getty Images

Coaching Positive Performance presents 11 benefits of high self-esteem beginning with the ability to be oneself, the ability to accept disagreement, the ability to present conflicting views and the ability to face challenges. Other benefits include the ability to face uncertainty, increased resilience, no need for approval, not needing to know everything, the ability to commit, the ability to accept imperfection and to accept mistakes in oneself and others.

Other benefits to high self-esteem include improved quality of personal and professional relationships. High self-esteem not only benefits the individual, but it is also helpful to those who rely on the individual for support or to perform specific duties.

High self-esteem is especially important in children. Children with high self-esteem are more likely to be assertive in difficult situations and to lead healthy lives. They are more likely to work hard in pursuit of educational and professional success, and they are less likely to subject themselves to abusive situations. They are more likely to establish healthy, positive friendships and to work at preserving those relationships. Children with high self-esteem are more likely to appreciate themselves for who they are while still recognizing the need to grow, improve and learn new things.