What Are the Benefits of Black Cumin Seeds?

Reported benefits of black cumin seeds include reducing blood pressure and fluid retention, stimulating metabolism and easing digestion, as well as reducing pain and treating skin disorders. Black cumin seeds are also known as Nigella sativa seeds, states Health Impact News.

Black cumin seeds are reported to have cancer-fighting properties, especially in the seed oil. Once properly extracted, this oil is used in herbal medicine to help prevent and fight cancer growth, according to Health Impact News. Other benefits of black seed oil include anti-inflammatory effects, support of the immune system and anti-obesity effects.

In powder or seed form, black cumin seed treats digestive tract conditions, such as gas, colic, dysentery and hemorrhoids. Its antihistamine principles are used to treat asthma, allergies and bronchitis, as well as cases of swine flu, states WebMD. Historically and in modern times, women use black cumin seed as a method of birth control and as an aid to encourage menstruation, although this treatment method has not been confirmed scientifically as of 2015. However, black cumin seeds can slow or stop the uterus from contracting, making it unsafe in medicinal amounts for pregnant women. In small nutritional amounts, such as food seasonings, black cumin seed is safe for consumption for pregnant women.