Why Are the Benefits of Being Involved in Your Community?

The benefits of being involved in the community are making an impact in the community by strengthening relationships and learning civic responsibility. In addition, a person volunteering in the community gains professional experience that is potentially valuable for a person's career and a person volunteering gains potential personal health benefits.

Volunteering makes a difference in the community because it provides personal support that strengthens the community. Giving time to an organization might strengthen a family or it might help a school provide a child a valuable education. If the volunteer work cleans a beach or a park, the environment benefits as well.

Helping others gives a person the opportunity to develop empathy skills. Through community involvement, teamwork develops. A volunteer can learn social skills by working with others. In addition, the value of a volunteer's time saves local money that community leaders can put to other work. What's more, volunteering reduces stress because the act of service encourages a person to think about others and dwell on positive things. Service work can also strengthen the immune system.

Volunteer work in the community teaches the person volunteering valuable skills because the person has the opportunity to learn about the field in which they are providing the service. In addition, the volunteer might discover hidden talents or areas of particular interest. When a person volunteers, she learns what resources the community has to offer to solve problems.